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Our lawfirm opened its doors at Esperantoplatsen in Gothenburg in 2011. Since 2018, we have been located at Drottninggatan 31 in central Gothenburg. We currently conduct a general legal practice with emphasis on judicial processes and litigation.

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As a Lawfirm in Sweden we work a lot with inheritance disputes, property division, commercial disputes, claims and agreements as well as public procurement.

Regarding claims we work with cases in Swedish court and also as attorneys for clients in front of the Swedish enforcement agency.

Recovery of debt is a legal discipline applied in all jurisdictions. When a dispute arises a foreign creditor is often challenged with an unfamiliar legal system. The following is a simplified explanation on how debt collection works in Sweden: 

  1. If the creditor after reminding the debtor and informing him that payment has not been received, and that failure to pay will lead to legal proceedings still does not receive payment the case can be handed to an attorney. This is where our work begins.
  2. We will send a demand to pay to the debtor. The debtor may offer to pay in instalments which, in some cases, may be the best and cheapest solution. If the debtor does not pay or react to this demand the next step is judicial proceedings.
  3. If the claim is undisputed a simplified procedure may be applied and a request for payment may be sent directly to the Swedish enforcement agency. The debtor is notified by the enforcement agency and is given the opportunity to contest the claim. If he fails to do so, the request will be treated as a judgement and will be enforced accordingly. If the claim is contested the case will be tried in court.
  4. If the claim is disputed the attorney will send a reminder to the debtor with a 10-day payment period. If the debtor does not comply, the attorney will commence legal proceedings by suing the debtor before the district court to obtain a judgment that can be enforced.
  5. When an enforceable judgment is obtained, whether by way of the simplified procedure or the ordinary court procedure. The Swedish enforcement agency can enforce the judgment and the debtor will have to pay immediately. If the creditor still cannot pay then the creditors assets can be sold at an auction. There are fees associated with collecting debts trough the Swedish enforcement agency and the court system. These fees are always to be paid by the creditor. The fees are then added to the claim. 

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