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“I love the transparent pricing Debitura offers.”
Andrew Baygulov

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Debt Collection
For uncontested debts like unpaid invoices or loans.
7.5%/success fee
No Cure, No Pay
87% Success Rate
Transparent Reporting
Unlimited support
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Small Claims Court
For disputes under $5,000, represent yourself and avoid high attorney fees.
Document preparation
Case filing
Money back if you lose
Unlimited support
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Demand Letter
A powerful legal signal without the hassle of lawsuits or attorneys.
Large template library
AI-driven personalized letters
Optional tracked postal mailing
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What Our Clients Are Saying

5-star user rating5-star user rating5-star user rating5-star user rating5-star user rating
"Debitura: Our go-to debt collection partner!"
Debitura's tailored approach to debt collection in France has transformed our financial management. Their diligence, professionalism, and open communication have made the process seamless and stress-free.
Mathias Dubois
Financial Analyst
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"Remarkable results with Debitura's debt collection services!"
Debitura's proficiency in handling complex debt collection in South Africa has significantly bolstered our financial position. Their promptness, strategic approach, and dedication to client satisfaction are unparalleled.
Alexander Lou
Founder, Helios
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"Debt recovery made easy with Debitura!"
Debitura's adeptness in managing debt collection in Italy has greatly improved our bottom line. Their attentive support, innovative solutions, and transparent pricing make them an invaluable partner.
Justin Holmes
Chief Accounting Officer
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"Debitura delivers exceptional debt collection outcomes!"
Debitura's expertise in navigating the intricacies of debt collection in India has yielded outstanding results for our organization. Their commitment to excellence, efficiency, and clear communication sets them apart.
Andrew Bay
CEO, Vermillion
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"Debt collection in the UK made seamless with Debitura!"
Debitura's comprehensive debt collection service in the UK has vastly improved our cash flow. Their personalized approach, speed, and dedication to client success make them a trusted financial partner.
Oliver Smith
Finance Operations Manager
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"Debitura's debt collection mastery is a game changer!"
Debitura's expert handling of debt collection in Canada has revitalized our financial standing. Their adaptability, responsiveness, and commitment to transparency distinguish them as industry leaders.
Emil Tremblay
Deputy Finance Director

A Closer Look at Our Transparent Rate Structure

Amount Recovered*
Success Fee**
$150.000 and above
Additional Costs
Setup Fee
$0 (No Setup Fee)
$0 (No Subscription)
Legal Actions (Optional)
Custom pricing
Debt Enforcement
Custom pricing
*The success fee for non-USD claims will be calculated based on the USD equivalent at the time the case is initiated.
**The success fee is calculated as percentage of the claim recovered, and only payable if we recover your claim.

Risk Free International Debt Collection

Embrace our zero-risk, debt recovery solution, designed to recover unpaid invoices and overdue loans.

Our proposition is simple and direct: "No cure, no pay." Fees are solely based on successfully recovered amounts. For complex situations requiring an extra push, our specialized legal action services come with individualized pricing.

Get started for free without any setup fees or monthly subscription.

Small Claim Filing
Service Fee Per Case:
$200 (Refunded if you lose)
Included Services:
Document Preparation
Lawsuit Filing
Lawsuit Serving
Evidence Packet
Interpreter Request
Dedicated Email Support
Other Potential Costs
Serving Fees:
Not Included
Court Filing Fees:
Not Included
Mailing Fees:
Not Included
Attorney Fees:
Not Included

Efficiently Navigate Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court is a streamlined avenue for resolving disputes valued up to $5,000 without an attorney.

Our service is a DIY solution, assisting you from document preparation to evidence compilation. The upfront fee is a mere $200 per filing, fully refundable should you lose your case.

Kindly notice, that our fee does not inlcude legal assistance, and that you represent yourself at court.

While we provide comprehensive support for your case, we are not a law firm and do not offer legal advice or representation.

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Demand Letter Costs
Fee Per Letter:
Optional Mail with Tracking:
Available Templates:
Settlement Demand Letter Template
Demand Letter for Payment Template
Collection Letter Template
Cease and Desist Letter Template
Breach of Contract Demand Letter Template
AI Demand Letter Generator (Customizable)

Effortlessly Draft Demand Letters

Establish a firm stance without the necessity of court proceedings or attorney engagements.

Our extensive library is inclusive of specialized demand letter templates tailored for various situations. Further, the AI-powered Demand Letter Generator crafts a bespoke letter fitting your unique requirements.

Access the entire library for free and, should you require, avail our mailing service with tracking for just $29 per letter.

Lawyer Referral Costs
Collection Quotes Cost:
Attorney Fee:
Varies, based on Quotes
Competitive Pricing: Obtain up to 3 quotes from our extensive network to ensure you get the best rates for premier legal aid.
Vetted Local Experts: Engage with elite attorneys in your jurisdiction who are seasoned in cases akin to yours.
No Strings Attached: Procure quotes via Debitura free of cost, devoid of any commitments, assuring you find the right legal ally.

Connect with Leading Attorneys Effortlessly

Specify your requirements and we’ll align you with up to 3 leading lawyers in under 48 hours. Each attorney will offer a tailored, competitive rate, empowering you to make an informed decision.

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