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Aims Capital Associates, established in 2011, is more than a Law Firm. The vision of the Corporate Law multi-skilled Firm, is to provide legal and business support services to Clients, each according to needs. Our Clientele fall into a broad range of categories, such as infrastructure, technology, international trade, finance, energy, and numerous others. The Firm has both local and foreign clients with activities in Rwanda or East Africa.The Firm is also incorporated in Delaware, United States of America. The scope of services offered include debt recovery, arbitration, litigation, legal consultancy, insolvency management, investment advisory, trustee services, contract management, and Government relations.

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Aims Capital Associates, established in 2011, is more than a Law Firm. The vision of the Corporate Law Firm is to provide legal and investment advisory support to the development of infrastructure, technology and access to funding in Rwanda, Africa and other emerging markets.

The Firm offers diverse legal and business services including, but not limited to; debt recovery, arbitration, mediation, litigation, legal consultancy, insolvency management, investment advisory, trustee services, contract management, Government relations and project finance.

Presently, the firm works on several projects in a number of sectors and represents numerous foreign investors. Aims Capital Associates works closely with other international firms to realize its vision.

Despite the firm’s market vibrancy, it desires to increase its market share through affordable services. It also works towards cutting the niche for itself in the market through its unique package of services that are so much essential to clients, presenting the Firm as a sole reference for critical and high demand investment and business transactions.

The Firm is also licenced as a member of the Rwanda Capital Markets Authority, a member of the Kigali International Financial Centre, a member of the East African Law Society.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our vision is to support the development of infrastructure, technology and access to finance in emerging and frontier markets.

Our mission is to provide legal, investment and fiduciary services to emerging and frontier markets through global alliances and partnerships.

Our core values are: 

·    Professionalism

·    Innovation

·    Integrity

·    Loyalty

·    Honesty

·    Quality services

Our product and Services

We work in the following focus areas, and provide these services: 

  • Corporate law: Debt recovery, insolvency, restructuring and contract management
  • Projects: Advice, management and financing
  • Litigation: Commercial and alternative dispute settlement
  • Consulting: Legal and transaction advisory
  • Infrastructure: Utility and technology agency services

Aims Capital is based in Kigali, Rwanda, and by last year, 2019 the Firm was incorporated in Delaware-United States of America as an LLC. Aims Capital takes the strategic advantage of the EAC framework and other African and global multilateral partnerships, exploring available opportunities and building mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Firm’s Profile in legal practice

Aims Capital leads in the practice of law particularly in corporate, investment, finance, trade and infrastructure development. Our services range from litigation, arbitration, legal consultancy, contract negotiations. In the past decade the Firm’s highly experienced teams has made the Firm to be a pace setter in delivery of the services to client’s expectations and at the pre-requisite international standards.

Clients and projects
  • Corporate services and corporatization of public enterprises: World Bank Consultancy    Services on “Legal landscaping of the corporatization of Energy Water and Sanitation Authority-EWSA” leading into the formation of REG [Rwanda Energy Group and WASAC [Water and Sanitation Corporation]
  • Infrastructure and Public Private Partnerships: US$70 million PPP investment project for bulk water production [Client: Water and Sanitation Corporation-WASAC]
  • Land and property transactions: The Firm was central in the study on legal and economic aspects of the National Land Use Master-Plan [Rwanda].
  • We provide advisory and facilitation to investors involved in green-technology initiatives [transport, real estate, energy, etc]
  • World Bank’s Doing Business Report [Rwanda]: For five consecutive years the Firm’s Managing Partner contributes to World Bank’s Doing Business Report.
  • Dispute Resolution [Litigation and Arbitration]: The Firm is a high end referral Firm for dispute resolution both in Arbitration and Litigation. The Firm’s Managing Partner [Counsel Alloys Mutabingwa,FCIArb] is a highly accredited International Arbitrator, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators [CIArb] and Founding Chair of the CIArb-Rwanda Branch. He leads a team of 8 practicing Attorneys three[3] of whom are internal while five[5] others are external Attorneys.Counsel Mutabingwa is on the KIAC list of “International Arbitrators

The Firm offers diverse range of services for clients, including debt recovery, mediation, arbitration,legal drafting, legal advisory and legal representation in disputes resolution. The assignments regularly performed shall include, but not limited to:

  • Review of contract templates as well as samples of existing or past contracts of staff and external service providers and make recommendations for enhancing these to better reflect the requirements of Clients
  • Preparing and enhancing contract templates following the review outcomes
  • Assisting Clients in reviewing supplier contracts and implementing partner agreements as and when required
  • Assisting Clients, especially business enterprises in reviewing financing instruments as and when required
  • Provide legal advice on commercial and business matters of various clients ranging from
  • Financial services, legal and regulatory compliance, intellectual property, technology solutions and organization’s corporate structure
  • Representing Clients in any lawsuit or other alternative legal process
  • Interacting on behalf of clients with relevant government authorities, as and when required with regard to corporate/ contractual/commercial/ legal matters of Clients.
  • Providing legal assistance and representation in Dispute Resolutions at International/ national jurisdictions, as and when required.
  • Following up on legal proceedings where Clients may be involved
  • Handling any legal matters that affect Clients
  • Drawing up legal instruments relating to settlement of disputes and monitoring their implementation
  • Providing legal opinions and advice on the governance aspects and regulatory risk management of Clients activities, as and whenever required
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