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We are a well-established law firm with 40 years of experience in all fields of Ecuadorian commercial law. We have an active practice in debt recovery.

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Whether a client requires the enforcement of local or foreign judgments, uncontested claims, or any kind of enforceable instrument, Almeida Guzman has ample experience before Ecuadorian courts. Interim measures may also be available in some cases. Our fees range between 6% to 10% of the recovered amounts, depending on the value of each claim. Since the introduction of the new code of civil procedure in Ecuador, in 2015, the average time for judicial recovery of debts has been greatly reduced. It now takes between 1 and 2 years to obtain a judgment. Apart from judicial proceedings, our firm has been actively involved in commercial mediation and arbitral proceedings in the context of debt recovery. The advantage of working with Almeida Guzman is the direct involvement of partners in the day-to-day issues of every case.

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We have written a detailed guide about debt collection. Click the button below to read it.

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