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Bermeo has 75+ years of experience assisting foreign clients with their business operations and legal needs in Ecuador.

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Bermeo & Bermeo is known as a reliable International Boutique Law Firm that helps businesses enter Latin America by seamlessly protecting and developing their operations, brands, and other Intellectual Property (IP) assets. For 75 years, our clients ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies have benefited from our use of top-notch technology to streamline operations and efficiently provide responsive, personalized attention.

Our Corporate and General Legal Practice department assists clients in navigating the complex legal landscape of their respective industries, while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The department is renowned for handling mergers and acquisitions, securities law, contract drafting and negotiation, compliance, regulatory matters, labor law, and civil litigation & arbitration, and debt restructuring. The team provides legal guidance to entrepreneurs, emerging businesses, and established corporations seeking to expand their operations.

The IP department advises on risk management and compliance, helping clients mitigate potential legal risks and avoid lengthy procedures. With a team of highly experienced and dedicated lawyers, the department provides its clients with local and cross-border protection strategies. It is best known for its reliability and expertise in handling intricate and high-stakes litigation matters in various industries. Key work areas include Trademarks, Patents, Product Compliance, and Infringements.

Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm has recently grown in the area of border control measures for intellectual property, including customs and trade regulations, anti-counterfeiting, and infringement investigations. The department works closely with clients to develop strategies that protect their IP rights and prevent unauthorized use and distribution of their products. This growth is a testament to the firm's commitment to protecting the rights of its clients in today's global economy.

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