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Experience comprehensive legal counsel with the Law firm Wien, Mag. Balazs Esztegar LL.M., Rechtsanwalt. Skilled in diverse fields with focus on cash debt collection in Austria, we provide strong representation in court, speaking German, English, and Hungarian.

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At the law office of Mag. Balazs Esztegar LL.M., Rechtsanwalt, founded in 2014, we primarily support small and medium-sized enterprises and startups with comprehensive legal advice. Our three-member team provides representation in proceedings before Austrian courts and administrative authorities.

Collection of Cash Debts in Austria

Austrian law provides a validated method for the collection of cash debts with the use of a dunning process. This allows the plaintiff to carry out debt collection in a standard, judicial manner, keeping expenses minimal. Claims up to the amount of EUR 75,000,000 can be handled by the plaintiff in court via a claim for dunning.

The Court Proceedings

On the basis of this claim for dunning, the court initially issues a conditional payment summons ("Zahlungsbefehl") without a trial and serves it upon the defendant. The court summons the defendant to pay the unrevised claim or respond with an objection against the payment summons ("Einspruch gegen Zahlungsbefehl") within four weeks.

If no objection arrives within this timeframe, the payment summons becomes both enforceable and final (“res iudicata"). Following this, the plaintiff can initiate the execution by the court.

Our team is experienced and efficient in representing our clients’ interests in such matters. Join our list of satisfied clients today.

For civil court proceedings such as debts collection and enforcement law, mainly the Austrian Attorneys Tariff Act (RATG) is to be applied, since this is the basis for reimbursement of costs against the opponent. Depending on the case, an hourly fee can also be applicable.
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