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Law Firm CAD: Providing practical, tailor-made legal counsel for over 25 years. Serving Ljubljana and beyond, we leverage extensive experience to support your business' performance and align with your distinct needs.

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About Odvetniska pisarna CAD / Law Firm CAD

Odvetniska pisarna CAD / Law Firm CAD has established a reputable position in both the Slovenian and international markets as a specialized law firm with a long-standing tradition of providing high-quality, professional legal services, predominantly in Commercial Law. We take pride in our independence and the comprehensive experience we have accumulated over our 25 years of practice.

Our success stems from our long-term collaborations with a diverse range of clients — from individuals to large multinational corporations with international operations. We offer practical, individually-tailored consultancy that strengthens our clients' business performance in their respective fields. We value the uniqueness of each client and adjust our approach to cater specifically to their needs.

Our Ethos

Over the years, we have stayed true to our work methods. We seamlessly merge professionalism, ethics, respect for our clients, collaboration among our team members, and commitment to technological advancement in one of the most intricate professions.

Why Choose Us?

Our Law Firm's advantages are underscored by the vast experience of our Senior Partners, Attorneys-at-Law Tomaz Cad, Barbara Kürner Cad, and Matic Cad, and the innovative initiatives of our younger team members. Our team of experts, beyond their specific domains, also excels in general legal areas. This combination allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive legal solutions and individually-tailored consultancy to their problems.

Our Areas of Practice

  1. Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution: We possess the necessary expertise for advising and representing clients in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution procedures, both during the formulation of dispute resolution arrangements in contracts and representation at national and international institutions awaiting an arbitral award, as well as during appeal, recognition, and enforcement of arbitral awards.
  2. Insolvency and Restructuring: Founding partner of Law Firm CAD, Attorney-at-Law Tomaz Cad, has amassed over two decades of profound experience and knowledge in Insolvency Law and Financial Restructuring procedures, aided by his tenure as a bankruptcy trustee.
  3. Dispute Prevention and Resolution: Understanding that disputes are a routine part of business, we aim to support our clients with essential legal advice during legal relationship formation. But in inevitable cases of dispute, we provide legal backing for a peaceful resolution and represent them in alternative dispute resolutions and court proceedings when necessary.
  4. Debt Enforcement and Recovery: We offer our clients the services of claim recovery and realization in out-of-court and court proceedings domestically and internationally. Our experts can provide complete professional support. This includes document reviews and legal opinions, brief legal advice, collateral adequacy assessments, representation in court and out-of-court proceedings, collaboration with international partner law firms, and seamless data flow between our law firm and clients.

In this way, we can provide you with a pre-known or at least predictable price of our services.

The method of payment that will best suit your needs and requirements can subject to mutual coordination and prefrences. **Therefore, we always encourage our clients toward a meeting, with the purpose of detailed explanations of the Offer, possible adjustments of the Offer and determination of the most appropriate method of payment. 

  • HOURLY-BASED FEE STRUCTURE: In a hourly based fee structure, legal services of Law Firm CAD are based upon the number of hours actually performed by our experts in accordance with our hourly rates. Hourly rates differ on the expert and / or other legal professional that is designated to carry out the agreed legal services. Invoicing is conducted in increments of no more than 15 (fifteen) minutes and on a monthly basis. Our hourly rates range between 100,00 EUR / hour (without VAT) and 250,00 EUR / hour (without VAT)
  • RETAINER-BASED FEE STRUCTURE: In a retainer-based fee structure, payment for legal services of Law Firm CAD is based upon a fixed / flat monthly or annual fee, custom made to suit all the clients’ individual needs. The retainer-based fee structure is agreed upon through a retainer agreement, in which the Law Firm and the client mutually estimate a required amount of working-hours per month. Upon request, our Law Firm can prepare pro-forma of a typical retainer. Retainers will always be custom built around the client’s business and its exact requirements. That way, our clients will be maximizing the value of the retainer fee. Our fees for retainers depend on the complexity, scope and time involved in fulfilling our work. 
  • FEE STRUCTURE ACCORIDNG TO THE ATTORNEYS’ TARIFF in SLOVENIA: In a fee structure according to the valid Attorneys’ Tariff in Slovenia and in accordance with the Attorneys Act of Slovenia, legal services are valued in designated »points« for each legal service. The number of points for a legal service is calculated by reference to the value of the matter at hand. In our Law Firm, 1 (one) point is valued at 1,00 EUR. 
  • SUCCESS-BASED FEE STRUCTURE: An agreement on payment in a certain percentage (%) of the successfully performed service may be agreed upon in advance, but as a rule it is tied to an individual matter and not to a long-term contractual relationship. The maximum possible percentage of payment (i.e., succes fee) is valued at 15 % according to the Attorney's tariff and Attorneys Act of Slovenia.
  • COMBINED FEE STRUCTURE: Law Firm CAD also offers a combination of the above-mentioned fee structures and can also include a success-based fee payment method. A combined fee structured payment method is always custom made to suit all the clients’ individual needs and requirements. A combined structured fee payment method has to be agreed upon in a written agreement with the client.

Legal services of Law Firm CAD cover various legal areas and are always tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients. Because we want to provide our clients with all the necessary legal support, and at the same time we are aware that cases differ in nature, value, complexity and types of litigation or other proceedings, **we have prepared various methods of payment / remuneration models.

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