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Our law firm has been handling claims for clients in Austria and with partner law firms in the European Union area for many years.

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Our three partners all have different areas of expertise: RA Mag. Proxauf (contracts, property law, commercial agency law, corporate law), RA Dr. Zeilinger (administrative law, civil law, labour law) and RA Mag. Meyer (civil law, criminal law, execution and foreclosure proceedings, trademark law, industrial property rights, product liability law).  Since we sue for and execute many claims on behalf of our clients (including filing for insolvency proceedings and filing claims in insolvency proceedings) we are very experienced in debt collecting and can give you advice on how to proceed with your claim. We file claims in civil proceedings, criminal proceedings or claims stemming from administrative law cases. As all three partners Proxauf, Meyer and Zeilinger have different areas of expertise we can handle almost any legal issue with the exception of patent matters and other very small areas of the law.

The normal rate for claims is based on the RATG and AHK, which forms a legal tariff with which we work most of the time. There is obviously room for specific arrangements on each case. We do not have quarells about the costs as we are very transparent on the costs that can arise from services for our clients.

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