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Silvester Legal LLC is a law firm based in Singapore that specializes in corporate and commercial matters, including shareholders' and directors' advisory and disputes. With years of experience, our team of skilled lawyers is committed to delivering personalized attention and effective solutions to meet our clients' needs. From business law and commercial litigation to real estate, estate planning, and family law, we have the expertise and knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals.

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Silvester Legal LLC is a Singapore-basedlaw firm that specialises in corporate and commercial matters, such asshareholder and director advisory and disputes, as well as providing legalrepresentation and counselling to clients in a variety of legal matters. Byproviding personalised attention and practical solutions, our firm is committedto providing exceptional legal services that exceed clients' expectations. Werecognise that legal issues can be complex and difficult, which is why we arecommitted to providing our clients with the guidance and support they need tomake informed decisions.

Debt recovery is one of our primary areasof practice, and we have assisted numerous clients in recovering unpaid debtsfrom debtors. Our debt recovery process starts with a thorough review of ourclient's case and the collection of all relevant documentation, such asinvoices, contracts, and payment history. Our lawyers then will draft a demandletter and send it to the debtor, requesting payment of the outstanding debt.We communicate with the debtor professionally, using a variety of methods toreach them. If the debtor does not respond or pay, we will take legal action onour client's behalf. Our legal team has extensive experience in debt recoverylitigation and is dedicated to obtaining favourable results for our clients.


Our pricing model for pre-legal and legaldebt collection at Silvester Legal LLC varies depending on the scope andcomplexity of the case. We understand that each case is unique, and we take thetime to thoroughly assess each case before providing a price estimate.

Our pricing model for pre-legal debtcollection is based on the number of hours of work required to recover thedebt. We will estimate the number of hours required and provide a time cost of$450-$600 per hour. This estimate includes all debtor communication, demandletter preparation, and negotiation to recover the outstanding debt. We willalso include any follow-up and tracking required to ensure payment has beenreceived.

Our pricing model for legal debt collectionis based on the stage of the litigation and the complexity of the case. Forclients who wish to retain our services for legal debt collection, we offer apackage deal. All legal fees, court costs, and expenses associated with thecase are included in this package deal. We will provide a detailed breakdown ofthe costs and expenses to our clients upfront, so they know exactly what toexpect.

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