Navigating complex legal landscapes with Slotine, your dedicated law firm in Hong Kong. Established in 2016, our multilingual team assists companies across Asia Pacific with agility, clarity, and responsive action. Trust us to steer you expertly through your legal journey.

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Established in 2016, Slotine has been a trusted advisor, assisting companies of all sizes to efficiently navigate through complex legal landscapes in Hong Kong and the wider Asia Pacific region. Our broad client base ranges from small to medium-sized local corporations, to expansive firms either rooted in the Asia Pacific, or those aspiring to broaden their activities within the region.

Our performance is powered by a multilingual brigade of French attorneys and Hong Kong solicitors, providing you with expert legal counsel that is hallmarked by clarity, responsiveness, and agility.

We foster partnerships with a global network of law firms, accountants, tax consultants, and company secretaries. This breadth of interconnections facilitates our capacity to optimally address your needs. So, whether you require consultation with regards to legal documentation, or collaboration with a legal partner proficient in extensive research on complex issues, we stand ready to lend our expertise.

Assist and Advise in Debt Collection

Our mission is to support and counsel you, working diligently to alleviate any undue stress in debt collection scenarios. This necessitates a comprehensive understanding of our client's background, their relationship with the debtor, potential affiliated parties, as well as the characteristics of the pertinent jurisdictions.

Debt Collection – Adopting an Inclusive Approach

Our engagement commences when your firm's accounting service has already dispatched several reminders and either not received a satisfactory response or any at all, or the agreed settlement plan falls short.

How We Help?

Our approach is extensive, prompt, and action-oriented.

Comprehensive Approach

  • We consider every element – our duty as lawyers is to embrace a holistic approach.
  • We assess the past and future of the relationship: whether the client is new or old, the affiliation, and outstanding invoices due, amongst other things. We meticulously review the contract terms, circumstances, and current status of each party as well as the practice of corporate governance.

Responsive Approach

  • We apply lean manufacturing principles to our operations. We start every morning with a manageable workload to promptly address your case.
  • All emergencies from yesterday have been addressed. Today, we stand ready for new challenges.

Action-oriented Approach

  • We provide advice that is not one-size-fits-all. The basis for our counsel will be provided in a structured email for straightforward circumstances or in more detailed memos for complex matters.
  • Once we have agreed on a course of action, we'll assist you in preparing drafts such as emails, letters, contracts, or addendums.
  • We believe that direct communication with other parties often yields better results than lawyer's letters. Though lawyers' letters are a part of our "arsenal," we only introduce litigators when there's a prospect of litigation.

Learn more about our action-oriented approach to debt collection in Hong Kong here.


The method for invoicing will vary depending on the amount of debt to be collected and the volume and complexity of the case.

For debt collection of US$100,000 or above:

  • As a rule of thumb, we consider hourly rate is fair and legitimate for debt collection of US$100,000 or above and for shareholders disputes. We also liaise with our correspondent litigation firms to obtain a fee proposal and coordinate a strategy.
  • We holistically assess the situation before developing a strategy, such as whether the debtor has significant assets in Hong Kong (from which the debt can be recovered from). Accordingly, we budget on a step-by-step basis.

For debt collection of below US$100,000:

  • We charge fixed fees or a mix of fixed fees (for the drafting of the letter of demand) and hourly rates (to review the other party’s response and reply).
  • We usually quote HK$7,500 for drafting the letter of demand, subject to the complexity. This is exclusive of disbursements.

Our Hourly Rates: 

  • Principal / Partner: USD$830
  • Of Counsel (Registered Foreign Lawyer): USD$1,020
  • Consultant and Senior Associate: USD$380 - 510
  • Junior Associate: USD$190 - 320
  • Paralegal / Trainee Solicitor: USD$90 - 153
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We have written a detailed guide about debt collection. Click the button below to read it.

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