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Comprehensive legal support from a trusted Law Firm in Barletta since 2005, Studio Legale Avvocato Ruggiero Calo' specializes in effective debt recovery solutions for businesses and individuals, both locally and internationally.

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Studio Legale Avvocato Ruggiero Calo', a law firm established in 2005, makes a turning point for businesses seeking comprehensive legal assistance with particular attention to debt recovery matters in Italy.

Our team of highly experienced and detail-oriented professionals takes pride in offering:

  • Thorough Out-of-court Legal Help: We work diligently to offer uncompromised legal aid without the need for court intervention.
  • Assisted Negotiation: Our team will side by side with you, facilitating effective communication between the concerned parties.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: We provide alternative solutions to settling disputes and ensure the smooth functioning of your business.
  • Contracts in Debt Recovery: Our expertise in contract law aids in streamlining your debt collection procedures.
  • Defensive Investigation Services: Our professionals conduct vigorous defensive investigation for matters at issue.

A Unique Proposition in Legal Assistance

Our multidisciplinary approach and extensive experience in debt collection matters allow us to provide unique solutions and attain excellent results for your legal challenges. If unavoidable, our firm ensures legal representation from the first to the last judgement instance with the "Special Power of Attorney".

As a proud member of the Consiglio Nazionale Forense, we look forward to serving your legal needs comprehensively and effectively.

All the mentioned services will be detailed in a professional service document that also contains thorough information on the necessary initiatives, various viable options, the pros and cons, and helpful information for a cost-conscious decision on defensive initiatives.
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Corso G. Garibaldi, 35
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