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A client-centric boutique law firm specializing in Corporate, Transactions, Dispute Resolution, and Tax in Ghana. We leverage our competitive understanding of the business landscape in Ghana, our entrepreneurial experience, and our team of young lawyers to drive client interest at all times.

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Our approach to dispute resolution is to settle disputes using ADR mechanisms such as Negotiations and Mediation. This offers the comparative advantage of savings on cost and time for our client whilst maintaining pre-dispute contractual relationships. However, should such efforts fail due to the complexities of the disputes in need of litigation as the means of settlement, we diligently ensure our drafting of pleadings, motions, affidavits, written submissions and conduct of such trials to secure the best interest of our clients with minimal or no damage to their brands, operational activities and the facilitation of their continuous business activities.

During the pursuit of any dispute, we endeavor to timely respond to all processes served on us, draft and share our responses with clients and provide updates from court sessions within 6 hours of attending same to our clients.

We are able to represent clients at all levels of courts in Ghana and at each time before representation discusses with clients legal fees underlying such representations.

Confidently, we have a team of lawyers with a consummate understanding of legal principles. persuasive advocacy skills, and demonstrated experience in dispute settlement across all levels of court and ADR forums in Ghana and always make available these resources for the pursuit of clients' interests. We however in line with our ethical commitments do not make any guarantee of the outcome of any dispute resolution before any forum except to use our best abilities to always pursue our client's interests.

Where disputes are concluded, we submit written reports enclosed with certified copies of the judgment and relevant rulings for the consideration of the client and retain copies for our file subject to our file retention policy which is for a period of 6 years from the date of closure of the case and file.

We are guided by the Ghana Bar Associations' (GBA) scale of fees for legal services in Ghana and negotiate with clients with this in mind at all times.
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