We are a set of highly innovative legal service providers with sophisticated knowledge of substantive law, procedural law, advisory, regulatory compliance, and corporate secretarial services. We thrive successfully banking on our topnotch expertise in commercial law including debt recovery, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution, oil and gas, expansive real estate and property law practice

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We are a set of highly innovative legal service providers with advanced knowledge of substantive and procedural law in different practice areas.

Our firm has been in operation for over 12 years, providing excellent services to our local and international clients and meeting their legal needs effectively. Thus, we bank on our long-sustained integrity, organizational excellence and good client care for patronage and referrals – both here in Nigeria and in the diaspora.
We approach our clients’ needs with modern technology solutions that ensure speedy, effective and efficient delivery. With a retinue of competent and hard-working lawyers and paralegals who are deeply committed to organizational excellence, we strive to become one of the foremost corporate/commercial law firms in Nigeria, Africa and globally.
We are a tested and trusted commercial law firm with a wide portfolio of debt recovery and management. This, we have handled in the past for local and international clients with consistent records of precise success.
Among our clients are top corporate organizations, financial institutions, businessmen and local investors, amongst others.

Our Debt Recovery process is as follows: 

  • Stage 1: Conduct Client interview and examine, evaluate their claims regarding the debt events vis a vis the provisions of the law.
  • Stage 2: Send a Demand Letter to the debtor, giving an ultimatum for payment and in the alternative, proposing an Alternative Dispute Resolution meeting for amicable settlement of the dispute and payment of the debt.

With failure of a positive response from the debtor, we propose a debt-recovery lawsuit using a fast-track court method known as “Undefended List Procedure” or “Summary Judgment Procedure,” or file an action at the Small Claims court, employ other procedures provided for under various statutes allowing debt recovery. The appropriate court to institute a legal action depends on the debt sum. It may be instituted in Nigeria in the Magistrate Court, the State High Court or the Federal High Court. The other option is to institute a Mediation process at the Citizen's Mediation Center, provided by some States' Judiciary.

In Nigeria, debt recovery services require a proper evaluation of the claims vis a vis the applicable laws as regards the nature of agreement between parties, the dispute resolution mechanism provided therein, the duration of the debt owed, as the Limitation Act has certain restrictions in this regard.

  1. Pre-Legal: Our typical pricing model for pre-legal services is an hourly rate for consultation/ consultation fee per booked session. The rate may vary depending on the complexity of the subject-matter.
  2. Legal Debt Collection: Our typical pricing model for Legal Debt collection services is a **Value-first model using the Contingency approach.**

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