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Indebtedness between companies and physical persons often brings the need of professional support with debt collection. The team of Benov & Vasilev Attorneys at law has major experience in enforcement proceedings and debt collection. Our clients rely on us for expert support throughout the  whole enforcement process – from acquiring a writ of execution, through starting an enforcement case and going for the most effective actions for debt collection, to legal representation and on-the-spot legal help for the collection of the due amounts of our clients.

Debt collection can sometimes be ineffective as the creditor may not find any or sufficient assets of the debtor. Upfront securing of the claim may be one of the best "cures" against such dead-ends, since up to a great extent it provides for the opportunity to "freeze" the available property of the debtor in advance. Our vast experience shows that the upfront securing of the claim often results in voluntary settlement of the financial relations, thus diminishing the possibility of a subsequent long and expensive lawsuit. However, when lawsuit is inevitable Benov & Vasilev Attorneys at law can offer its clients high class litigation legal services.
Additionally, we support our clients on all legal aspects of public sales of bailiffs/ the NRA/bankruptcy trustees.


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