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Leading in debt-driven corporate advocacy since 2005, Davids Advocaten is your skilled Law firm in Amsterdam specialising in insolvencies, corporate restructuring, and debt collection litigation. Guiding businesses towards financial stability and growth, we are your steadfast partner in complex economic scenarios.

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Davids Advocaten, a leading law firm established in 2005, excels in navigating the complex landscape of debt-driven corporate environments. We understand the urgency and the delicate nature of these circumstances, persistently striving for the optimal outcomes for our clients.

Our Specialties:

  • Bankruptcy Trustee: Safeguarding the interests of all parties, we manage bankruptcy scenarios with decisive action and precision.
  • Corporate Restructuring: As trusted advisors, we skillfully guide businesses through restructuring processes to achieve financial stability and growth.
  • Debt Collection Litigation: We bring unwavering persistence and steadfast perseverance to debt collection cases, leveraging prompt legal action to ensure recovery.

Recognizing that time is of the essence, our approach is both resolute and adaptable. While we initially engage with a friendly demeanor, we are equipped and ready to swiftly pivot towards assertive persuasion when necessary.

With a team of 13 dedicated employees, we have secured membership with the Corporate Litigation Association, the International Bar Association and the Insolvency Specialist Association. Our efforts have been recognized in the form of awards, including our ranking in the Legal500 Tier 4 for Restructuring and Insolvency.

At Davids Advocaten, we are committed to delivering effective legal solutions in the most challenging financial landscapes. Trust us to stand with you in steering your economic concerns towards favorable resolutions.


We work on a hour x fee structure. For each case, we can offer a detailed fee estimate upfront. Our debt collection services are efficiently handled by our team of junior lawyers, ensuring a cost-effective approach to recouperating your claim.

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Legal500 - tier 4 Restructuring and insolvency

We have written a detailed guide about debt collection. Click the button below to read it.

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