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One of the first established Law Firms in Bulgaria, Dobrev & Lyutskanov has extensive experience in servicing international clients with precision and creativity. Our team is always at your side, regardless how complex the matter is.

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Dobrev & Lyutskanov was established in 1989, right during the political changes in Bulgaria and has extensive experience with international clients from all around the globe. We provide services in all areas of civil and commercial law. The focus of our work is to guarantee the interests of the client, while providing transparent and comfortable legal assistance. The benefits from working with us are our high success rate, based on careful preparation for every action we take, as well as our critical approach to the solutions we propose. Therefore, we strive to provide clear information in advance about the steps which shall be undertaken, as well as the expected expenses. Concerning debt collection, any action we suggest is always based on studying the documents the client will provide, as well as the actual situation of the debtor. Only then we shall propose taking the first step - which will depend on whether the client already has a court decision and in which country this court decision was decreed. Of course, the execution of court decisions from other EU countries is always easier, but we successfully execute decisions from every country in the world, as long as we can receive them with the necessary certification.

For pre-legal debt collection we offer hourly rates, depending on the complexity of the matter. We provide a budget in advance and we apply it strictly, insofar the client does not assign additional work. For legal debt collection, there is a normatively set minimum legal fee, depending on the amount of the debt. The minimum starts from 13% of the debt for sums of up to 5 000 EUR (40% for sums to 500 EUR) and decreases with the increasing of the amount of the debt. Legal fees do not include VAT.
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