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Ivanov and Yonkova Law Firm is a reputable legal practice on the Bulgarian market. We provide legal advisory services to our clients small and medium sized enterprises with high quality and with special attention to each and every relevant detail.

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We are attorneys-at-law having more than 14 years of experience providing competent legal advisory services to the small and medium sized businesses and the citizens. We believe that being an attorney-at-law is above all vocation and duty in defending the rights of the citizens and their organizations. We consider that the proactive, competent and timely cooperation with an attorney-at-law resolves emerging cases positively.
Our understanding and attitude towards what we do is being always positive, considerate towards each and every client and his case, while striving in the same time to always improve our expertise and knowledge. We pay attention to every assigned task and we do not make compromises regarding the quality even of the smallest details.

Our practice areas is oriented in key legal areas such as corporate law, commercial deals, tax law, employment law, support in negotiations aimed at amicable resolution of existing and avoidance of potential commercial disputes, settlement of property issues, issues of the spatial planning, litigation on civil, commercial and administrative cases.

In the course of our legal practice we have helped hundreds of clients in different cases of debt recovery.
Our professional experience showed that firs of all we have to establish all possible means for out-of-court negotiations with the debtor. We seek actively communication with the other side in order to estimate any possible ways for amicable dispute resolution.
Should we come to the conclusion that no out-of-court agreement can be reached, we provide legal assistance and litigation services to our clients aimed at provision of a court order, court decision and writ of execution, so that they recover effectively their receivables through an enforcement procedure.  


For our services we use flexible pricing model.
We charge our clients only for work done and hours of consultation provided.
We observe strictly good practices of provision of detailed and prompt information to our clients on the development of their case and pending steps ahead.
We provide detailed breakdowns of fees due and work done.
Upon establishment of permanent relations with our clients we offer discounts. We offer discounts as well as in cases of higher pecuniary interest of the case or of the issue to be resolved.
Usually we provide legal advisory services at an hourly rate at EUR 100.

In case of providing litigation services or legal defense in an enforcement procedure our fees are calculated on the basis of the relevant pecuniary interest.
In any case we offer and agree on the fees and charges prior to undertaking any particular case so that our clients are well aware of the costs in advance.

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