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Law Firm VERUM: Two decades of expertise in legal dispute resolution and comprehensive debt collection services in Vilnius. Achieving results, earning recognition, and delivering high-quality guidance to both local and foreign clients.

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Law Firm VERUM: Your Trusted Partner in Legal Dispute Resolution

Law Firm VERUM, founded in the year 2000, carries a wealth of experience in the field of legal dispute resolution. We are proud to represent our clients in all sorts of complex civil, administrative, and criminal cases, providing optimum legal support.

Our firm lays considerable focus on complex debt collection cases. In such scenarios, we ensure that all owed debts, irrespective of their dispute status or the debtor's solvency, are effectively collected and managed.

Our specialization and emphasis fall into the following areas:

  • Legal representation in complex civil, administrative, and criminal cases.
  • Handling complex cases of debt collection.
  • Procuring overdue debts, in instances where there's no dispute with regards to the debt payment and the debtor is solvent.

Our services have been recognized and awarded, most notably with the Legal 500 Tier 3 accolade in the Shipping and Transport sector. These milestones, coupled with our dedicated team of five, testify to our firm's commitment to achieving significant legal results for our clients.

Choose Law Firm VERUM for a result-driven approach to legal dispute resolution and debt collection. We're here to serve you with our vast knowledge and expertise spanning over two decades.


The Law Firm VERUM working rate is EUR 100.00 (USD 110) per hour.

For pre-judicial debt collection (collection of information on debtor's ability to pay and property in his possession, written debt claims (payment past due notices) to debtors, correspondence with debtors concerning payment of their debts, negotiations with debtors regarding payment of debts and the terms of payment (schedule) whereof, agreements on debt payment schedule) we have special hourly rate – EUR 75.00 (USD 80) per hour.

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Legal 500 Tier 3 in Shipping and Transport sector

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