Michael Tie & Co was founded by Michael Tie who wanted to provide reliable, accessible and affordable legal services for everyone so that everyone has their rights equally protected. Michael Tie & Co provides affordable legal services to its clients, and most of Michael Tie & Co's legal fees are fixed. In order to achieve its vision and mission, Michael Tie & Co focuses on the areas of practice that cover most of the needs of Malaysians with affordable fees.

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Here is a general overview of the debt recovery process of Michael Tie & Co:

  1. Initial Consultation: We will initiate a phone/physical consultation to gain a full understanding of your current situation so we can advise on the appropriate next steps.
  2. Evaluation of the Debt: We will evaluate the debt to determine the validity of the claim and the likelihood of recovery. This includes reviewing any contracts, invoices, or other documents related to the debt. After this due diligence process, we would be able to advise you on the your available options.
  3. Issuance of Letter of Demand: We will issue letter of demand which is designed to warn the debtor of potential legal action if the debt is not paid back. It can be later used in court.
  4. Follow Up: We will typically attempt to contact the debtor after issuance of the letter of demand by phone, email, or mail to request payment.
  5. Negotiation: If the debtor is willing to negotiate, we may work with them to come up with a payment plan or settlement offer.
  6. Legal Action: If negotiations fail, we will take legal action against the debtor. This can include filing a lawsuit and obtaining a judgment against them.
  7. Enforcement of the Order: Once a judgment is obtained, the law firm may use various legal enforcement methods to collect the debt. This can include  garnishee,  seizure and sale, judgement debtor summons, bankruptcy or winding up proceedings.

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We have written a detailed guide about debt collection. Click the button below to read it.

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