Munkanta Legal is a modern law firm operating in the legal advisory and dispute resolution market in Zambia. We are convinced that the basic pillars of our services: excellency, integrity, efficiency and responsive professional legal services for our clients are fundaments for any legal advisory.

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Munkanta Legal is a full-service corporate commercial team, offering tailored practical support to clients in a comprehensive set of services across many sectors. To do this, the Firm exhibits a culture where people work together as one, where everyone plays a vital role in the team and is trusted to deliver their best work. By bringing the brightest minds together, with diverse ideas, opinions and perspectives, we can approach a problem from every angle and arrive at the strongest solution for our clients. Not only does it make clear business sense, it creates a rich, enjoyable and fulfilling workplace.

Among the services Munkanta Legal offers is comprehensive debt recovery services. This process involves: 

  • Trace and locate
  • Issuance of demand Letters;
  • Acknowledgement of debt arrangement & Debt Settlement Negotiations;
  • Commencement of litigation against debtors;
  • Entry of consensual judgments with willing parties;
  • Execution of Judgments in furtherance of debt recovery.

Clients are assured to benefit from our vast experience in debt recovery across various sectors of commerce and trade.

  • 10% of total collected Debts
  • Upfront 5% on selected debts that are older than 2 years.
  • Should the matter go to court, Clients are generally responsible for paying costs and fees. These include costs for paying court filing fees and other costs. Considering this, we normally require a deposit of funds to be held on account on behalf of the client to assist with disbursement and other related expenses.

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We have written a detailed guide about debt collection. Click the button below to read it.

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