Our firm is a full service law firm, convinced that the two pillars of our services i.e. professionalism and effectiveness for our clients are fundamental.

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It is our great pleasure to introduce to you our law firm M/s Muwema & Co. Advocates, a full service law firm which was established in 1999. The firm is arguably one of the most sought after and has been one of the fastest growing in the last twenty (20) years.

It has grown to have a reputation of successfully handling complex and ground breaking cases that have enriched the jurisprudence and practice of law in Uganda. We are convinced that the two basic pillars of our services i.e. professionalism and effectiveness for our clients are fundamental for any legal advisory.  

We believe that the dynamic development of business requires a legal team that is able to provide effective solutions, based on experience in particular legal areas. Our aim is to propose to our clients, legal support in order to let them perform their own activities while relying on our legal background.   Our mission is to be a professional and highly efficient law firm of choice to you, our Client; rendering accurate and prudent legal, tax and intellectual property protection services and adding value to you business and image.   We propose to offer solutions to specific and technical matters. We aim and commit to provide excellent legal services as the hallmark of our legal practice as a law firm. We like challenges and have a track record of dealing with complex matters.   We set out to understand the nature and operations of your business and adopt a relevant, prudently practice, thorough and efficient approach to our clients needs.   For that reason, we aim to deliver our services in a manner that makes commercial sense so that companies, institutions and individuals always see us as part of their solution when faced with difficult, innovative and novel challenges.  

Our Firm Policy

It is our professional duty to give your affairs proper care, skill and attention. We handle each assignment on a strict confidentiality basis. Our services are demand driven and result oriented.  

Why Our Firm

We take time to study and understand your business, industry and environment in which you operate. This represents our dedication to accurately diagnose your legal and business needs.   Our relationship with you shall be based on communication and trust. We undertake to provide regular written reports on all assignments we will handle for you.  

Our Law Firm undertakes to professionally and diligently provide you services in the various fields of practice which include;

  1. Corporate and Commercial law.
  2. Employment and Labor Relations.
  3. Intellectual Property Law
  4. Land Transactions and Conveyance
  5. Revenue and Taxation laws
  6. Debt collection


Our fees are primarily regulated by the Advocates (Remuneration and Taxation of Costs) Rules 1996 as amended and payable upon instructions.  However, should you be desirous to retain us, the same can be arranged by paying a monthly retainer fee payable at the beginning of every month.   With the payment of the retainer fee quoted above, the firm shall be in position to professionally and diligently provide you with the following services;  

  1. General Legal and Consultancy Services including legal advisory.
  2. Contract drafting services, reviewing contracts and contract negotiations.
  3. Document storage services but only under the instruction and permission of the client.
  4. Sundry and Routine Correspondence services.
  5. And any other legal services as the need may arise  

With regards to services pertaining litigation and conveyancing, fees shall be in accordance with the Advocates (Remuneration and Taxation of Costs) Rules 1996 as amended putting into consideration the nature and complexity of the brief.   Where permissible by the above cited Rules or where appropriate, we negotiate and agree with you on the formulation of the fees structure.   Sums incurred by us on your behalf such as stamp duty, search fees, agent fees and all other disbursements will be chargeable.   Quotations and estimates include Value Added Tax (VAT) as required by the Law.   We hope to meet your consideration and we will be proud if you turn to us with confidence.

Our Team

Our team is composed of Partners, Senior Associates, Associates and Legal Assistants who are all experienced advocates in diverse areas of the legal profession.   We have handled numerous commercial transactions on mergers and business acquisitions, receiverships, legal audits, company formations and restructures for business ranging from banking, manufacturing and mining etc.   The team is established and consists of dependable litigators who have handled complex ground breaking litigation in areas of trade, tax, banking and intellectual property just to mention but a few.   We advice corporate institutions and organizations on a wide range of legal, regulatory and transactional matters, working closely with the in-house counsel and will always provide the legal advice required since we appreciate all the transactions from both the legal and financial perspective.   We are members of the East African Law Society, Uganda Law Society, Uganda Manufacturers Association and the International Trademarks Association.  


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