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Are you looking for a modern debt collection solution you can easily integrate into your own solution or ERP solution? The Debitura is what you are looking for!

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Debitura is a company that develops multiple credit management products. However, at the core is a very efficient global debt collection machine. We can run debt collection cases globally.

A core part of our offering is a debt collection API. With this debt collection API, our partners can integrate with us and use our offering to collect debts on their own customer’s behalf in all countries.

Developers build Debitura, and our whole platform is built API-first. That means you can access our debt collection API and integrate this natively into your application.

We don’t have the actual documentation public yet as we’re still in beta, but if you’re interested, please reach out to us.

Use cases for a debt collection API

Below are some example use-cases for integrating with the debt collection API.

Debt collection for platforms

We help platforms provide debt collection offerings. You can easily integrate with our APIs and provide debt collection as an offering for your customers.

Examples of partnerships:

  • Accounting software. Suppose you run an accounting software and want to provide additional offerings for your customers.
  • Industry-specific software. If you have software for a specific niche (think an example like cleaning companies), you can integrate with our API to let them handle debts
  • Bookkeeping firms. Our offering can both be accessed as an API but also through our partner module so you as a bookkeeper can invite your customers

We’re open to revenue-sharing on all the cases, meaning this can become a profit center for your business.

Get data in your systems about your debt collection cases

If you want to integrate and get data about your collection cases in your own systems you can integrate with our API. This means you’re, for example, able to:

  • Send collection cases automatically from your own system
  • Get a status on each case
  • Get a webhook when a case has been solved
  • See the latest actions on each case

This could, for example, be used to update your CRM system without your employees having to log into Debitura to get a status.

Custom flows

Any custom flows? Ping us, and we can take a dialogue around it.
We’re very open to this kind of partnership.

The benefit of integrating with a debt collection API

The benefit largely depends on the use case, but on this page, we focus on the benefit for partners. If you’re a company needing custom integrations but not a potential partner, you can still do this (and free of charge as we don’t charge for our API).

As a potential partner, we see the following benefits:

  • You can add additional features to your existing product. This should increase happiness / reduce churn
  • Additional revenue source. We’re open to a revenue-sharing model
  • It’s straightforward to add. Adding us as a debt collection partner is a relatively easy partner to integrate with

Why Debitura is a great partner

When integrating with debt collection partners as a system, you typically face some of these challenges:

  • Typically, debt collection companies charge a fee to pull back a case. This can bring a lot of bad problems back to you as a partner.
    With Debiura, we’ve designed our product around a customer can ALWAYS pull back a case for free
  • Typically, debt collection works as a black box. You don’t have any idea about the activities happening.
    With Debitura, you have full access through our timeline API, so you can always show what is happening
  • Typically, debt collection companies charge a fee per case or other hidden costs.
    With Debitura, we know how important it is that the pricing is transparent and with no surprises. That’s why we only charge a 10% principal + any potential fees that are added to the case. We never send an invoice to the client

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